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    Filter Selection Shows up Blank When Published

    Matt Lutton

      This is a problem I've recently discovered.  The scenario is: a quick filter with only one value in it, with the option to select "All" removed.  When I set the value to the year in the filter, and publish, the filter shows up blank.  I want the filter there for consistency across dashboards--users are used to seeing certain filters, like School Year in this example.  Aside from that, there will eventually be multiple school years, so it makes sense to keep the filter in its typical place.


      In Desktop, the School Year displays as it should.  Has anyone else seen this?  Aside from removing the filter, or adding the "All" option back in, is there something I can do to make the year display in the filter?


      How it appears on Server site:



      And in Desktop:

      Pic 2 Desktop.jpg

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