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    partition data on non-visual elements (dimensions)

    Jimmy Figueroa

      Hi everyone;


      I require to change a calc field from AVG to SUM at diff levels of data.

      I need to take the 'raw level view' data and be able to portrait is in Tableau and Child Level as an AVG of hours, at Father Level as SUM of the AVG of hours and at Grand level as SUM of the Father detail (kindly look at image below to see the expected results at each data view level).


      It seems tableau partitions only on 'visible' dimensions.

      I thought if I could partition my data at 'child level' while at the same time display only the 'grand' and 'father' level views

      that would solve my dilemma.

      Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 6.55.25 AM.png