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    Extract exceeds lines

    Hellen Escarate



      When I am creating a extract and I put the number of lines, for exemple 500, the extract exceeds the numer of lines.


      Do you know this problem?


      I am using SAS source.




      Best Regards,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Hellen,


          I haven't been able to find any cases where this has happened. It may have something to do with using an ODBC driver.


          Just to confirm you have Top X rows  and not percent  selected in the extract dialog box, right?



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            Hellen Escarate

            Hi Tracy,


            Thanks for your answer.

            Ok, we have Top X rows in extract dialog box, not percent.


            But we have two situations that the extract exceeds lines:


            1) When we have put the number of rows in extract dialog box.

            2) When we haven't put the number of rows in extract dialog box.


            And when we have used a database source with a little number of lines (for exemple 2000 rows) the extract is completed, and not exceeds lines.



            Best regards.



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              Andrei Rukavina

              Hi Hellen,


              Have you added this on your ODBC properties, required for stable behavior:


              • Records to Buffer = 1000
              • Support VARCHAR = checked
              • Disable _0 override parsing = checked
              • Infer type in min/max functions = checked


              Would you mind coping here your Custom Query or SAS Code?