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    How to export a data table for DMA Filled Polygon Map?

    Amanda Bonneau

      I have spent some time looking through the forum and have seen similar questions and discussion, but I am still unable to make this work.  I have the NextGenDMA.twbx map Custom Filled DMA Map using Richard's Shape file utility... that gives the map of DMA polygons, and then an Excel file of lat/long point locations that I'd like to overlay on this map (I'm just using a file that gives a point on what I assume is about the centroid of each DMA for now to get the methodology down).  I've watched Joe's video on creating a dual axis map with multiple mark types, but to get this to work I need to merge my 2 data tables via Excel.  The 2 data tables have a shared field: "dma_boundary_Features#csv_dma0" and "dma" - i.e. the DMA number.  Both "dma_boundary_Features#csv_dma0" and "dma" are measures, so I can't join the tables on those fields.  I tried converting both to dimensions, linking the tables and pulling a second "latitude" (from the point data table) up to Rows and making a dual axis map, changing the mark type to cirlce, but no dice.  I think this isn't possible to do with 2 linked tables as the latitude fields don't align and I need to make one big table as per Joe's video.


      Is it possible to export an Excel data table from the DMA shapefile workbook for me to append with point data?  I've attached a workbook with the DMA Filled Polygon Layer and my point Excel file.


      Any advice appreciated!  Thanks!