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    Mapping Question:  Home Locations vs Customer Locations

    Michael Kremer

      Hello!  I was hoping someone could provide us with what I’m guessing is a simple solution to our problem.  Here is our situation:
      *  We’re working on a project where we’re mapping out the factory locations of our customers
      *  We have approximately 100 account managers and 4500 customer locations
      *  Customer locations are being plotted on the map by using the customer zip code

      Problem:  Our account managers are located out of their home offices which we are trying to plot on the same map to where their customer locations are indicated. We’d like to use a different symbol (maybe like a distinct square representing a house) to show their home location compared to their customer locations.

      Basically, we’re trying to figure out where our account managers live in comparison to their sales counterparts and the customer base.  The visual of the home location and the customer location will allow us to better align our account managers with a more geographically relevant customer base.