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    Rank with fitlers applied

    Piotr Wodkiewicz


      I am trying to create rank where comp 8 will always be at the end of the list and rest will change based on currently selected filters. I am not sure how to make this work as per attached example my comp 4 having more units is below comp 7. Same with Comp 4 being below 6. I tried to put combined filed but I have 3-4 dimensions from which I want to filter and this is starting to be messy.

      Any help highly appriciated.



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          Michel Caissie



          I guess that since a Vendor may have units in more than one country, the sorting may be done before the Country filtering is applied.


          A solution i found  would be to create a Calculation returning  the negative units  -SUM[Units]  for every  rows of the same Country    :    ATTR( [Country])


          if  isnull(ATTR([Country])) then 0 else - SUM([Units]) end


          Next you can bring the calculation on the Rows shelf,  switch  to Discrete  , move it left of Vendor and Hide Header.


          This way the Units will show in the Descending order of the SUM of Units per Vendor  without taking into account  their overall Country Sort ranking.



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            Piotr Wodkiewicz


            thank you for your reply I am almost there. I have two more issues with this data set.

            1) I need to used to filter (End user segment and Product category)- For the first one it works but for both not. Please see attached

            2) I based on the parameter I need to have i.e Top 5 comp where Comp 8 I don't want to be part of the ranking. I have created rank if to place it somewhere in the bottom but rank is still taking it into consideration which makes Comp X ranked 5 while I want it to be ranked 4.


            I attached your changes with issues I am seeing.

            Thanks again for your help