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    ATTR Function Aggregation returning No Values (Sheet Attached)

    Michael Boateng

      Hello All,

      I am trying to aggregate one of my measures (Impressions) by one of my Dimensions (SalesOrigin).  I was able to create a couple of calculated fields using the ATTR Function to get the values I wanted.  But upon dropping it into the report there were no values returned.  Below are the calculations I am trying to compute.



      If ATTR([SalesOrigin]) = "Local"

          THEN Sum([Impressions]) END



      If ATTR([SalesOrigin]) = "National"

          THEN Sum([Impressions]) END





      Might any of you have any insight as to why when I drop these calculated fields into my sheet I am not seeing any data?  Thanks in advance for all of your help..


      UPDATE:  Per @Matthew Luttonsuggestion I have uploaded a version using Sets.  Thanks.