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    Parameter list not refreshing in Data Server Extract... Bug?

    Sam Bruce

      This is not about dynamically updating parameters...


      I've created a workbook that contains my data source connection, relevant calculations, parameters and such.  In this workbook I have a parameter with 4 elements (L4, L12, L52, YTD).  I generate the extract and publish this as a data source.  Then I create a bunch of workbooks on this data source.


      Now I want to update my parameter list and add another element.  So I open the original workbook with the data source connection, edit the parameter and add in the element L26.  I save the workbook, regenerate the extract and republish to the data server.


      If I open a blank workbook and connect to the Tableau Server data source I can see the updated parameter list.  However, When I open a workbook connected to that same data source, the updated parameter list is not there.


      To test my sanity, I repeat the process but this time I add a new simple calculation.  I'm not insane, the new calculation shows up but the parameter list is still the original!  Bug?


      The only work around I found was the following...

      - Delete the parameter from the report workbooks

      - Accept the warning about the impact this will have on all your sheets

           - The parameter control will be removed from any dashboard/worksheet

           - Your calculations should be ok

      - Save, close and reopen the workbook.

      - Magincally the updated parameter control will show up and your calculations will be unaffected

      - You'll have to add the parameter control back to whichever dashboards/worksheets you need