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    Using Active Directory (AD) Groups in Data Source Filter in Extract




      I am a novice to Tableau and have issues trying to set up security on the row level (on the extract) based on Active Directory Groups. Each user can be a member of multiple AD Groups; depending on which group he/she belongs to, the extract should limit the data to one, few or all "locations" - filed [Location] has many values (LocationA, LocationB, LocationC, LocationD, etc), which are not static.


      I created a calculated field called "[AD_Group_Filter]" with following formula (NOTE: This formula did not work when I tried to paste it directly under Condition in "Edit Data Source Filters" - WHY?) :


      if (ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_1") OR ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_Admin")) then "LocationA"

      elseif (ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_2") OR ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_Admin")) then "LocationB"

      elseif (ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_3") OR ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_Admin") OR ISMEMBEROF("AD_Group_1")) then "LocationC"

      else null end


      Then in "Edit Data Source Filters" on my extract / I selected "[Location]" field/ "Use All"  :


      in "Condition" Tab I added formula [Location]=[AD_Group_Filter]:




      1. Members that belongs to few AD Groups should be able to see multiple [Locations] - for example, member of AD_Group_2 & AD_Group_3 should see data for LocationB and LocationC, but it only sees LocationB. I'm not sure how to set the filter to pick multiple values of [Location]. There is no "IN" option in Tableau, I'm not sure how to write the formula to accomplish this.


      2. How can I pick "All" Locations when writing [AD_Group_Filter] instead of adding AD Group to every IFELSE statement ? The number of locations is dynamic and could vary.