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    Wanted in 8.1: Sorting by Aggregated (AGG) Calculated Fields

    Kyle Lumbra

      Per the Sept. 20 blog post, I understand that multi-pass aggregations is on the table for the 8.1 release. I have a team working on a significant, long-term reporting project using Tableau for which we use multiple aggregated calculated fields, so this is welcome news for us!


      I'd like to put in a vote for one related feature that would benefit us immensely - the ability to sort marks by pre-aggregated calculated fields. Specifically, we use a calculated field which has a defined aggregation using SUM statements and division, but because of Tableau 8's current architecture (i.e. does not support multi-pass aggregation), we are not able to sort other marks by this calculated field.


      Here's an illustration of how it might be implemented in the UI:

      Sort Aggregated CF Screenshot.png


      Eager to see the improvements in the next release - feel free to ask for clarification if my request above is not clear.