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    How many orders does it take to reach a specified income level

    P Fro

      I am trying to create a viz (or a calculation I can use in a viz) whereby I can show the average number of "orders" it takes to reach a specified income level from each customer. In my head, I'm visualizing something similar to Christian's "Tale of 100" viz which shows how many years it took to for a company to hit 50M in sales. My view differs, because I would be looking at individual orders and their associated amounts to determine the number of gifts it took to reach n (let's just say $1,000) cumulative amount per customer.


      For example:

      Customer 'A' has 24 total orders with a cumulative amount of $1,250; at order 19, he reached $1,000 in total sales. 19 is the number of sales it took to reach $1,000 for him.

      Customer 'B' has 20 total orders but he hit $1,000 cumulative with his 5th order so his number is 5.


      So combined, the average is 12 orders to reach $1,000.


      I could do a lot of data manipulation and custom calculations before getting it into Tableau in order to come up with a "magic number" per customer, but I'm wondering if this is possible with a "normal" (order level) data set.


      Any ideas?


      (I asked a similar question months ago, but got no responses, so I apologize for repeating myself, but I figured I'd try again just in case)