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    Is there a way for the end user to easily adjust the date aggregation in a simple line graph view?

    Adam Bowker

      Hi Everyone,


      I've got a few simple graphs of KPIS (revenue by channel, order volume, conversion rates, etc). I've got a filter on the dates so that the user can choose the time window to investigate -- however, I'm not sure how to adjust the date period to aggreate. For example, if i'm looking at 2 months, i'd want the graphs to aggregate by week, with WEEK(date) in the Columns card, but if a user is investigating the whole year, you'd want it to aggregate it by MONTH(date) to yield useful takeaways. I've done this in the past with separate tabs, but I feel like i'm missing an easy answer here. I'm new to Tableau so please excuse if there's an easy answer here!