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    Scatterplot and Line Graph Overlay with Different Date Sources?

    David Staples

      Hi All,


      I'm a relative newbie trying to determine if this is possible:


      I'm dealing with salary range data that shows min and max salaries for different jobs over the course of a 30 year career (min=0 yrs, max=30yrs).  I'm currently expressing this as a date (1/1/2000 to 1/1/2030) in order to display it as a line graph.  I also have data on individual employees showing their years of experience and their annual salary.  I would like to create a dual graph that displays the salary range for positions as a line and displays individuals' salary level and years of experience (also expressed as a date on roughly the same scale as above) as a scatter plot in order to compare equity across a given job.  I'll then create a dashboard and allow the user to filter by job.


      Currently the two data sources are joined on job, but I'm having difficulty determining how to blend/combine/join the two relevant date fields.  Right now the individual employees' years of experience is being displayed repeatedly at the discrete dates in the min-max range rather than once at the proper date/years of experience.


      Hopefully that makes at least a little sense.  I'm attaching a screenshot of my current setup.  Any suggestions are welcome, and if necessary I can de-identify and post the workbook as well . . .


      Many thanks!