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    kill tableau backup process

    Mohit Goyal

      Hi All


      We have setup automatic tableau backup in our environment using windows scheduler which is running successfully. However as its the process, tableau services get stopped before backup starts. (tabadmin stop runs as per recommendation). Issue is that sometimes backup windows goes very long and as the service is down, the downtime window becomes large. Due to this, business users are unable to access the tableau. To overcome this, we have to restart the server each time.


      Pls let us know if there is any process or command which can be used to forcefully stop tableau backup and start services. Also I want to know if starting tableau services from services console in windows server is same as running command tabadmin start.


      Any help is appreciated

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          Toby Erkson

          See the Tabadmin Command Reference document for a list of commands and some help.  You'd want to use the "--unsafe" parameter.  Starting the service in the middle of a backup when it was off is asking for trouble.


          How often are you running the backup?  Daily is likely too excessive.  Do you run the backup during the lowest use of the day, typically sometime after midnight?


          I find the Tableau Server quite stable.  I have an auto-backup once a month.  The [virtual] server that Tableau is running on is incrementally backed up to tape nightly by some other IT group -- it doesn't affect the server doing its work.

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            Mohit Goyal



            We are running the tableau backup daily at 1 AM midnight when there is no business user. We feel its overkill, but business is too sensitive about its restore process being non-selective. So that is okay. I have already checked tabadmin command reference but there is no command to stop backup process. If there is, pls let me know. Or if there is a roundabout way, like any process which can be killed to stop backup would also do fine for us.

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              Toby Erkson

              If the business requires such overkill (nightly backups) then they have to live with the inconvienence.  I don't care how much they complain, they made their decision so they have to deal with it.  Pretty darn simple and, really, it's out of your control.


              You can perform the backup without stopping the server.  Perform the backup w/o stopping the server and use the --unsafe parameter -- notice it is called "unsafe"...that's for a reason backup --unsafe ...

              Read the document I linked to (above).


              I don't understand why you'd want to stop the server, start the backup process, just to inturrupt it by killing the backup process mid-stream.  Absolutely makes no sense.  Why even bother starting the backup if it's going to be stopped somewhere along the way?  Every backup will be corrupted and thus worthless.


              Or are you forgetting to restart the server in your batch script?  We need more detail.

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                Mohit Goyal



                Thanks for the reply. Fortunately, you might be in a position where you can say no to your VP and tell him to go off. Or you can tell him that backup is there, but you are not sure if it would restore the data, because you took it in --unsafe mode. Here, our team is not in a position to say it. The backup process goes unusually long only once in a 4-5 weeks. Just let me know if there is way or not to stop the full backup process in middle of it, so that we can accordingly take our decisions.



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                  Toby Erkson

                  Whoa, stop the train, we need to clear something up.


                  Position has nothing to do with it.  If ANY person came to me with such a request I would give them their options.  As a professional that is part of our job.  You don't have to tell the person "it can't be done" flat out, you educate them by explaining what their demands will cost (be it downtime, money, lost info, etc) but you also provide them with alternate solutions (including compromises) along with the positives and negatives.  It is up to them to decide on the path to take given the information you've provided.


                  I have worked directly with three CEOs, two CFOs, two Presidents & VPs, various supervisor & managers above my paygrade, and 400+ end users of various paygrades.  Most of these situations as a contractor and in major and minor companies.  They hire me because I'm a professional in my job and it's my duty to provide them with my expertise, PARTICULARLY when what they "demand" isn't going to work, so they look good and get their assignment completed in the most reliable, effecient, and accurate way possible.


                  Believe me, creating backups that cannot be used is going to make you and your customer (i.e., the VP) look down-right amateur.


                  Okay, moving on...

                  As to the subject at hand, use --unsafe to allow the backup but also allow users to still use the server.  If anything is missed that night because someone was using the server during the backup time I'm quite sure it will be captured the next night (the command reference states "inconsistencies" so it doesn't appear there will be a total loss). If you want to inturrupt the backup process then look to what's happening in the "Services" tab in the Windows Task Manager.  I would guess starting the "tabsvc" and "tablicsrv" services and killing everything else Tableau related would do it.  As for a specific command in tabadmin to inturrupt the backup process mid-stream there isn't one.

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                    Mohit Goyal

                    Ok. that would do for me. Thanks for confirming the same.

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                      Toby Erkson

                      Okay, good.  Once you have your solution working for a while please come back and let us know what you are doing and how it's going.  If you asked this question then I'm sure someone else will [eventually] ask the same and your experience will be valuable.