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    Setting the filter to latest date

    Philip George



      I have a data set like the attached item.I want to create a filter in the dashboard for the Fiscal quarter.The problem is that fiscal quarter filter will always display the filter value when it was published.The slider will not get updated automatically.I think there is no direct way to set the filter to latest value automatically in tableau.Here I don't want to use the relative date filter.


      Workaround that I am using is creating a parameter which will have two options 1.latest fiscal quarter 2.Anchor a fiscal quarter.default will be latest fiscal quarter.when the user select the second value in the parameter user should be able to move the slider and they should be able to see the sales values for selected quarter.


      Here I am not able to achieve that using a calculated field because the fiscal quarter value I need.Please find the sample workbook that I am using.Can anyone advise on this issue whether I am doing the correct approach.for the first option to work I have to find out the fiscal quarter using the today() function.



      Philip George