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    Is it possible to edit a tde file?

    Daniel  Paduck

      Basically, every month, after the accounting period closes, we create tableau data extracts as the data sources for our workbooks. The data extract is essentially a point in time of our accounting picture.  Now, the issue is that one of the accountants needed to make an adjustment to one project and wants to reflect it in the point in time data extra.  I cannot go back and refresh the data source since the data will be as of today (10/16) and not (10/1).  Now, my main question is to determine how to edit the tde file so I can make a change to that one project?  Or should I try do 'view data' copy the data to Excel, make my change in Excel, and then use the Excel file to create the extract again. I know, it is a big pain in the a$$ for one project out of a million in the data set.