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    Best Practices for creating equivalent of Quick Filter AND capability


      Does anyone have a recommendation on Best Practices for creating the equivalent of an AND capability for filtering on multiple items within a quick filter (single field) instead of the default OR?  This has become a critical issue for me to solve in the immediate future.


      An example of what  I am talking about is suppose I have records of people who have various technical skills.  Each record contains the name of the person, information about that person, what skill they have and the level of that skill.  If a person has more than one skill they would have multiple records.  One record for each skill they possess.  So one field is person name, one field is skill type, the other field is skill level.  If I want to know people who have skill A OR skill B, I can just check the quick filter multiple boxes and presto. However, what I need to be able to do is find people with skill A AND skill B.  Or I need to find people with skill A AND skill B AND skill C.


      I need a solution that is end-user flexible/friendly where they can choose say up to four or five skills out of several hundred potential options.