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    YoY Variance using sets

    Michael Boateng

      Good Morning All,

      I've done a search on the forum and haven't quite found an answer.  I created a Set using one of my dimension fields Sales Origin.  Sales origin has four values.  Using that set along with one of my measures Impressions I created a new measure called Sell-Through Rate.  Which is the percentage of two of the four values to the total is the sell-through rate.  After creating the set from the  2 values from Sales Origin I dropped it on the sheet as a column and then I dropped impressions as the measure.  I hid what is not included or "out" of the set and converted the impression value into a percentage.  Leaving me with my Sell Through Rate.


      If I filter my data on two dates which this the current month and year and the previous year and month and drop them in the column my calculation breaks.  I would like to add the previous years Sell Through Rate and then also add a calculation to show the YoY variance.  Is there any way to do this?


      My data is proprietary so I may not be able to post the exact sheet that I am working on I may be able to send some dummy data in order to illustrate exactly what I am trying to do upon request.  Any direction on this is very much appreciated.   Thanks in advance..



      Hello All,

      I have spent most of the day getting my calculation to work.  I just would like to be able to calculate the difference between the 2 years and add it to a third column.  Any advice?..