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    Can we update the .tde file with new data.

    Gajanan Hiroji

      Dear All,


      I am importing some data from my MySQL database from remote machine. but as data is two large it about 2GB data so when i extract this file it will take so much time to extract the data. but we update database on daily basis so i can't extract all the data on daily basis.


      Is there any way to extract only updated data from remote database and update .tde file?


      after updating .tde file i also want to update .twbx file also so that it should contains updated data.how to do this?


      then i will send this file to my friends.


      my problem is i have to get the data and create report and save as .twbx file so that our tableau reader can access those file and see the reports.


      Can anyone help me on this?


      Thank you so much.


      Gajanan Hiroji.