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    export fullpdf with caption

    Chen Albert



      I have tried this:http://community.tableau.com/thread/118414

      But I need caption in the PDF result.

      Can I use tabcmd --fullpdf to export views to pdf WITH CAPTION?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Aakash Jain

          Hi Chen,

          Yes you can use the command tabcmd export "workbook/sheetname" --pdf to export the sheet with caption to a pdf file

          and if you use --fullpdf in the above command you'll get all the sheets published in the workbook in the pdf file.



          Aakash Jain

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            Chen Albert

            Hi Aakash,


            Thanks for reply.


            But please let me explian more about my question.


            When I use "print to pdf" in Tableau Desktop, I can see the sheet name on the top. -->attachment "1_DailyOrderReceiving-LM_printTOpdf.pdf"


            But when I use tabcmd to export the view. Tableau server give me only the graph without the sheet name.-->attachment "1_DailyOrderReceiving-LM_tabcmd.pdf"


            I have 14 sheets in this workbook. If I use --fullpdf to get every sheet in the workbook, tableau server give me a 14-pages PDF. When I reading this PDF file,I can not know which graph I am looking at.


            When I use --fullpdf to export view into PDF, is there any method to let PDF show the sheet name or caption?




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              Ramon Martinez

              Hi Chen,


              If I understand well your scenario, I think that is better to create dashboards having the view, title, captions and all the information you require. This way you will have better pdf files.


              You can follow the practice of hiding all views including in dashboards in order to get better results when using tabcmd export "workbook/sheetname" --fullpdf