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    Total Averages

    Katherine Davies

      I have 2 sources of data

      - customer base

      - revenues


      I have blended these data sets together to get the ARPU (Revenues / Average base)


      the ARPUs for each account in the table below are correct

      However, I want to be able to show the overall total average as well


      It looks like my main problem is to create the total of averages

      In my example - the total Average customers are averaged . I want the total average to take the average of the total closing base for 2 months   eg Jan average is showing 1183.  I want the average of 6500 Dec & 7700 Jan = 7100


      For the ARPU (Revenue / Average Base)

      I want to calculate total revenue Jan 578,000  / average base Jan 7100  = $81.41

      But my tableau example is showing $488.45


      Can anyone please help with this?





      Ramon Martinez