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    KPI's for Production Tasks

    Ivan Coronado

      My employees usually do different tasks each day of the week having different production for each of the tasks.

      I want to create a worksheet that displays KPI's for each task per employee, showing a Reference Line (production baseline) and coloring the bars in the graph to see who's complied with such baseline and who's not.


      I've only been able to do so creating one worksheet per task (creating also a Parameter and a Calculated Field for such task) . I'd like to display all of the tasks in the same worksheet having different Reference lines per each pane (each pane being a different task).


      My method seems cumbersome and complicated since I'd have to continue creating worksheets, parameters, and calculated fields for each one of the tasks (more than 40), and then adding them to a dashboard.


      Could anyone suggest a cleaner, easier solution for this?


      I'm attaching my file for reference... In summary, I'd like to have one single worksheet displaying all of my taks' KPIs as displayed in worksheets "KPI B-TENSAR" and "KPI B-ALAMBRAR".


      Thanks so much in advance!