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    Identify dates between a range

    Andy Weiss

      I have been searching, but have been having a difficult time finding a case similar to my scenario below.  I have a set of tasks, each of which have a start and end date and am trying to get a count of items impacting a certain Team in a given quarter.  So as an example, my data source looks very similar to the below in Excel:


      TaskStart DateEnd DateTeam 1Team 2
      Task 11/1/148/1/14Yes
      Task 27/1/148/1/15YesYes
      Task 310/1/142/1/15Yes


      So for Task 1:  Tableau would render a value in Q1 '14, Q2 '14, and Q3 '14 for Team 1. 

      Task 2:  Tableau would render a value in Q3 '14, Q4 '14, Q1 '15, Q2 '15 and Q3 '15 for both Teams 1 and 2

      Task 3:  Tableau would render a value in Q4 '14 and Q1 '15 for Team 1


      Any ideas?  I can get it to lay out nicely using just the start date, but Tableau can't carry it through to the other quarters in the range.


      I apologize if I am not being specific enough here.


      Thank you in advance!