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    How to partition by fields that aren't in the view?

    Matthew Pufunt

      Hi All -


      I have created a hierarchy of dimensions that I would like to give my end user the ability to drill-down/roll-up their data. I can set the Advanced compute using at the lowest level of the hierarchy to see what I am looking for, however when I try to "roll-up" that data, I get the "red !" saying that the table calculation requires a field that is missing.


      I understand the reason for the error, but does anyone know of any workaround for this? I tried putting the dimensions on the detail shelf, but that causes stacked marks issues. I have seen Jonathan Drummey do something like this with table across vs. down  cmpute using in a parameter, but I don't know if this can be done at the advanced level. Some insight would be very much appreciated.




      Message was edited by: Matthew Pufunt Thanks for the quick response Jonathan! I have replicated what I am looking for in the attached. In the view I can currently see that Illinois accounts for 20.41% of the Central Region Sales (i.e. $959,327/$4,699,167), now what I would like to do is expand State and see what percent each city contributes to the region total of $4,699,167. So I would like to see that the City of Addison's (in Illinois) $1,075 is .023% of the Central Region's $4,699,167


      This works If I do:

      Compute using Advanced

      At the Level: City

      Restarting every: Region


      But then I lose the ability to roll up. So I guess I need a way dynamically change the "At the Level" section.