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    Using Sets as Dynamic Selectors using Parameters

    Devarsh Shah

      I have a Dimension called Category which has following elements - A, B, C, D and E. I want to group them in to 2 separate groups --


      A, B, C - Group A

      D, E - Group B


      So I created sets called Group A and Group B. Now, I want to show Group A and Group B on a graph dynamically on the X-axis to represent a Metric. Thus, I created a Parameter (Set Selector) with data type String and List of 'Group A' and 'Group B'. Now I create a Calculated field --


      CASE [Set Selector]

      WHEN "Group A" THEN [Group A]

      WHEN "Group B" THEN [Group B]



      However, I get an error 'Cannot use boolean type in Case expression'. What am I missing here?