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    Bug in WMS Server connections for packaged workbooks?

    Cameron Matthews

      A few months ago I created a workbook and connected it to a NASA WMS server for a background map I wanted to try. In a later draft of the workbook, I deleted the worksheet with the NASA background. Several drafts later, I had a final draft and saved it as a packaged workbook. Since that final draft, the original address of the NASA WMS changed and now Tableau is throwing an error message, saying that it can't connect to the WMS server even though there should no longer be a connection. I thought maybe a hidden worksheet still had the WMS Server connection, but I've tried every sheet/dashboard/data connection in the workbook (Map>Background Maps>WMS Servers...) and there are no WMS server connections for me to delete. I'm stumped.


      The official error message is:

      Internet communication error: A connection with the server could not be established



      I believe it's related to this thread (http://community.tableau.com/thread/127665) posted in June by Frank Deutschmann, but unfortunately his solution to delete the WMS connection doesn't seem to be an option in this case.


      I've attached the workbook if you'd like to take a look. I fear that I'll have to revert to an earlier version and redo all my later changes/formatting. That sounds like a terrible time. Any help is most appreciated!