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    Multiple Data Sources on Dual Axis Map

    Chris Sheline

      I've got two sets of data I'm trying to display on a dual-axis map but I'm having trouble displaying them together.


      The first dataset is our customer data with their name, sales and location information (lat/long, zip, state)


      The second dataset is our branch data with their name, sales and location information (lat/long, zip, state)


      I'm trying to plot both by lat/long on one map with branches and customers as different mark types (say squares and dots) and have the branches and customers sized by their respective sales figures (so two seperate size dimensions). I can create these without issue on their own, but can't get the two data sources to display on a dual axis map


      What is the best way to combine/join the data to display the customers overlaid on top of the branches?


      I've tried joining on state, but Tableau 8 doesn't like it when I bring in the secondary set of lat/long to create the dual axis. I've also tried combining the data by adding the branch data to the customer data using the similar customer field names and creating a branch/customer field column to identfy them, but this doesn't allow me to size branches and customers seperately (important b/c branch's sales usually dwarf the customers' so customer dots are barely visible).


      Any help would be much appreciated!