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    OLAP Cube (SAP BW) - Database error 0x80004005 in Tableau

    Hellen Escarate

      Hello everyone,


      I searched and studied a lot about this question, but it was not possible solve:


      When a member calculated is created, happen a database error (0x80004005: occur a execption)

      This error occur just on SAP BW.

      The kind of field is a "hierarquical level", is not an "Attribute."



      I discovered that in SAP BW is not possible to work with "Attribute", just with "hierarquical level"



      When I tested using other OLAP Cube as SSAS, using a field kind "Attribute" it works:



      So, When I created a member calculated using the source OLAP Cube SSAS, and using a field kind "Attribute", the calculated it works.

      Is the same situation that when in used on SAP BW, both fields are dates, on SAP BW and on SSAS., but when using SAP BW isnt' work.


      What can be the problem? Will be the kind of field (Attribute or Hierarquical Level) ]


      How Tableau works with field "hierarquical level"? Is different?


      Or will be a really database problem?


      The final objective is create a calculation between 2 dates, as displayed in image below:



      Before calculation above, I need create a calculated member as measure,  for Tableau see the date dimension... this is the difficult when using  SAP BW.