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    Connecting to local OData sources

    Daryl Hendricks

      Hi, I'm developing internal OData sources and I'm able to access these services with various tools--but not Tableau, either Public or Desktop.  I have been able to connect Tableau to other external OData services so my question is--are there any specific details of OData that Tableau is dependent on?  I'm using VS2012, WebAPI and the OData NuGet package--and as I've indicated I've been able to access this data with Excel and other clients.  Any ideas on what the problem might be?  (I'm also specifying localhost and a specifc port)

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Daryl,


          I'm not certain about the variety of possible problems, so you may need to contact Support (support@tableausoftware.com) to dig in deeper. Consider looking through the Tableau log files for an indication of what operation it attempted to perform during the connection that ultimately caused the entire connection attempt to fail. One possible cause of failure would be if your service did not support a 'Top 1' filter to limit the result set, which is how Tableau checks the OData source for its metadata.


          I hope this helps,