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    Cycle Fields

    kishore v

      Hello ONE and All,


      can any one clarify what cycle Fields is? you can find it Analysis tab ----> cycle fields


      please give one scenario where it is helpful?






      LVE DATA

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Yeah, I'd always wondered about that menu option to, but never got around to investigating it. First I could find nothing that explains what it does or what it might be used for in KB or online help. After playing with it a bit, it seems it simply swaps the fields in your view to different marks cards/shelves. So a pill on the row shelf moves to the color shelf, the field on the color shelf moves to the size shelf, and the field on the size shelf moves to the row shelf, completing the cycle.


          I suppose this is a useful feature if you want a quick way to reorganize you viz to see what it looks like (and reveals about your data) in a different configuration. I'll be curious to see if anyone uses this feature much.





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            Joshua Milligan

            I also have not used this feature.  Occasionally, you might click a "Show Me" option with one measure and multiple dimensions (or one dimension and multiple measure) and then want to quickly cycle through various views based on rearranging the dimensions (or measures).  Once you have multiple measures and multiple dimensions, the cycling of fields is probably not that helpful.

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              kishore v

              Hi Shawn,


              Thanks for clear it.Its a great explanation


              happy visualizatin

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                kishore v

                Hi Joshua,


                Thanks for explanation


                Happy visualizatin

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                  Cycle fields is very important and handy when you want to create stacked graphs. E.g. In a scenario,  I had to show 3 variables in following format. Week of quarter ( 1 to 14), sales status (1 and 2), sales stage (1-6) (stages either fell in status 1 or 2). i have masked the data due to confidentiality. I had to show weekly view of sales stage stacked in status. I was trying with various perm and combination to get it but it was difficult moving these 3 variables between columns, rows and marks. So I just put these 3 variables in columns, chose stacked bars and used cycle fields. It pressed cycle fields 2-3 times and got required output. Its very efficient.