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    Dynamic cascading dashboard filter action on same dimension filed

    Anirban Ghosh



      I am creating a dashboard where I am trying to capture product information on all attribute name value pair level.

      Attaching a sample data set.



      if there are 3 product attributes as brand, model, color then below sets are possible:






      brand+color or color+model is not allowed here.


      I would like to have a cascading dashboard action where the first filter will show all individual aspect. based on my selection of any of the aspects, 2nd filter will be refreshed to show all aspects which are compatible with my first selection based on the dataset.

      if I select brand first, next filter will show color and model only and not brand. Based on next selection, subsequent filters will be refreshed according to same rule and user can stop at any level he/she wants and based on that the measures will be shown for that level of selection.



      The only thing is, product aspect names are not constant and can vary based on product type(which will be my parent filter) and the data is as you see flat structured.


      Is this possible to achieve in Tableau 8?

      I was thinking more in line of creating calculated fields based on dashboard action. Is this possible?


      Any help is appreciated.