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    Dynamic Title based upon a Multiple Value List Filter

    LyNea Tomas



      I have created a dashboard (the one attached is a dummy data) that has filters.  However one of the filters that I am using is a group and must be a group because we roll up our products in different groups.  With that being said,  I would like to create a title that has the following logic:


      IF ATTR( [Product]) = "Product A" then [Product] + " has decreased for " + str([Number of decrease])  + [date type parameter]

      ELSEIF (cont. this for all necessary products)

      ELSE " "



      Basically, I want the title to show for when one or two products are selected and not show when all of the products are selected.


      The issue that I am running into is:


      1.  I am using a grouping in my filter and when you create a calculated field, the variable is not able to be selected. 

      2.  I am using a multiple value list and the if statement doesn't recognize the "(All)" value



      Has someone done this before?


      Side note:  I have looked at some of the other topics related to this; however they didn't have the same type of logic that is here.