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    Is it possible to add multiple dimensions to a sheet?

    M Panda



      I am encountering an issue where it seems like I cannot add multiple dimensions to one sheet.  I have created a dashboard for a survey my company did and I want to add a section to it for the series of questions we asked below.

      When do you typically listen to music?


      1. Traveling/Vacationing
      2. Doing housework/homework
      3. At work
      4. At school/library
      5. Doing errands
      6. At the gym
      7. Reading
      8. Shopping
      9. Watching TV

      I would like to include all the different types of responses on one sheet and have them sorted in descending order depending on the filter that is used. 

      Below is a screenshot

      2013-10-11 01.08.11 pm.png