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    Making / using "sub-filter"

    Geir Olafsen

      I am having troubles getting two filters to work together. The two filter variables in question have a one-two-many relationship such as COUNTRY to CITY.


      I would want the CITIES filter only to show relevant cities for when selecting one COUNTRY in the first filter. Sounds trival but not in my case... All CITIES continue to be shown as options in the second filter regardless of the selection in the COUNTRY filter.


      I suspect my problem is related to the structure of my data sources and how these are “keyed” together.


      The structure of my data is as follows


      One data table (SQL)


      CITY_ID (unique no. for unit, string) and its measure variables with date and corresponding observations


      And in a separate table I have defined the relationships between the first and second filter and corresponding CITY_ID that is used as key.


      COUNTRY, CITY and CITY_ID (string)


      Any suggestions on how to make this work? Thanks!