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    Authentication Failed - Request ID: Ulfvi6wYMGAAAA28djQAAADH

    Bernardo Roschke



      Two days ago I started getting this error message when I click our Tableau Server link. Other users are reporting the same. I've attached a screenshot of the error message. If a user clicks "here", they are prompted to login and can proceed as normal. We use AD authentication and normally it is not required to login when accessing the server link since the user is already verified by being logged into their machines.


      Any suggestions?

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          Steve Joe


          I was having the exact same issue and couldn't find any helpful details about it.  I built out a clean VM and installed the latest version I had just downloaded from Tableau.  I received the same error message (with a different Request ID) and like you, after clicking "here" I could enter my windows credentials on the Tableau login screen.  If I clicked the Windows Credentials link from that screen it would send me back to this error.


          I fixed it in my environment by uninstalling the 8.0.5 version and installing the 8.0.3 version which I had on our production server.  I hope this helps, but unfortunately I found no other way around this.

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            Bernardo Roschke

            Thanks for the response Steve. We're running 8.0.1. I don't like hearing that this problem exists in 8.0.5 as another group in my organization is troubleshooting SAP BW connection with Tableau and they are recommending to upgrade to 8.0.5 for their issue.


            We have a QA and a Development environment and we're not experiencing this issue in either of those environments. It is just in production. I'm also working with our IT dept but no changes were made to the VMs that could be causing this.


            Very strange.