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    Google Analytics Download Limits

    Heather Hopkins

      Hi - can anyone tell me if I could use Tableau to get around some of Google Analytics' daily download limits. I will mainly be doing reporting in Tableau using GA data and currently in creating those reports I run into barriers because of the 500K limit. I wonder if I could download the data daily (automatically?) and then link the data using Tableau?


      Thanks much, Heather

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          Charu Kapoor

          Hi Heather


          Were you able to find a solution for this. For us, doing this daily can solve our needs. The challenge is to find out how we can do incremental update in a loop for each day of last year.


          Thanks and regards, Charu

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            Dallin Crump



            There is a way to create custom reports on the GA website and have them auto-generated and emailed to you on the frequency of your choice (weekly, daily, etc.).


            You could combine the output into a single spreadsheet or database and then connect to it from Tableau.


            Not a perfectly automated solution, as you'd have to keep adding to your main data source manually, but it might allow you to work around that API limit.