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    Avoiding compound rounding errors in maps

    Rebecca Titchiner

      The data I want to display is sensitive so needs to be rounded in Tableau, but when using several different filters, the rounding function applies it to every single value, so that the total can be some way out. For example, if a person has a characteristic from var1 and from var2












      So you have some people with AD, some people AE and so on for every permutation. In the map I'm trying to create I want the user to be able to filter people who have var1=A, B or C, or any combination of those, and the same for var2. This is no problem except when i try to round the total to the nearest 5, it rounds the number of people with AD to the nearest 5, AE to the nearest 5 and so on, and the total is of all the rounded subtotals. If AD=7 and AE=7 and every other permutation is zero, i want 'ALL' to round that sum (ie ALL=15) instead of rounding each subtotal to give 5+5=10.


      What I want is if a user wants AD, then it'll round that to the nearest 5, but if they select all of A,B,C and D,E,F  the values aren't rounded until the total. However, it has to happen so that no user can see the unrounded data. Is this possible? Sorry for the complicated way of asking what is a simple question!