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    Custom List Quick Filter issue?

    Jay Chang

      I am working with an employee hierarchy list.  At its heart, it has a list of bosses with each employee reporting into that boss.  So, as an example, you would have:


      Boss1 | Employee 1

      Boss1 | Employee 2

      BossOfBoss1 | Boss1

      BossOfBoss1 | Employee1

      BossOfBoss1 | Employee2


      This allows me to pick any name in my company and see everyone who reports into that person, whether as a direct report or as an indirect report via a management hierarchy (classic root/leaf structure).


      I have created a worksheet that allows me to view all performance reviews for the past 4 years for any given boss in the company.  I select a boss, the viz gives me a list of every EE in that boss's management hierarchy and what each EE in that hierarchy.  To choose my boss, I provide the user with a Custom List quick filter because I have in excess of 10K distinct boss names and any other sort of filter would be unworkable.  I set this filter to apply to all worksheets using the data source.


      My issue is this.  The quick filter works just fine when I only have one worksheet.  However, as soon as I create a copy of that worksheet and create a new viz off of it, the quick filter no longer works correctly.  I've attached images of a before/after state.  Has anyone else run into this issue and if so, does anyone know how to solve it?  I'm wondering if T8 is somehow running out of memory due to the large number of names it needs to keep track of?  I'm also wondering if the fact that I'm using a Join to tie two tables together is possibly impacting this somehow?  Perhaps when I use data from the joined table, the name list is somehow getting messed up?


      Any input/advice would be appreciated.  Unfortunately, I can't post a workbook as a sample and I can't create an example using the Storefront data because it's not big enough.