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    Can't connect the dots

    Michelle Hakow

      I'm using an index to chart changing scores over similar time intervals, and it works, except that I can't get the lines to connect:


      I think the problem has to do with the fact that I have to use a discrete score term in order to get the index to function properly. I have no problem graphing scores over time:


      Until I introduce the number dimension:


      However, without the number dimension, I can't get the index that I need. Can anyone help me connect the dots?

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          Alex Kerin

          ind.pngWithout number on size, you can connect the dots. Do you need that?

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            Alex Kerin

            Or change it to continuous:



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              Jonathan Drummey

              I can't quite explain how Tableau decides when to connect lines and when it doesn't, it has to do with the level of granularity of the pane you are trying to draw the marks in. When you have multiple dimensions on the Marks Card that increase the level of detail in the view, then you're more likely to run into trouble. Tableau can connect the dots across some dimension combinations but not others. In the original view, you have trial, number, and time as dimensions on the Marks Card, so the leve of granularity is pretty fine.


              Sometimes you can use the Path Shelf to get out of this problem (I couldn't figure out how to do that in this view), the other way is to reduce the granularity and/or number of dimensions that would cause more sub-groupings and break the lines. Alex did that by turning number into SUM(Number), so as an aggregate it's not increasing the level of detail. Another option if you really need number as a dimension for addressing the index calc is to use a combined field for time & number and set the Compute Using to that, then use ATTR() or MIN() for the values that you need for tooltips or other values, I set that up in the attached.



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                Michelle Hakow

                Thank you so much for this explanation. That is really helpful. I tried so many permutations of continuous and discrete, but never tweaked Number, even though I knew it was the one that was breaking the path.


                Thanks again.

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                  Alex Kerin

                  I couldn't figure path out either - that seemed a natural solution. Good explanation Jonathan.

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                    Harry Alverson

                    This is helpful. I had created a lorenz curve (see attached below) with a different line for each year illustrating revenue distribution by the "top n" account set (this required an index function with advanced partitioning to ensure the accounts in each year were ranked appropriately)... i kept running into the issue of dots (discrete plots / data points) instead of lines. Turns out I had too many dimensions in my marks. I had both a combined filed (year and account ID) and the account ID on its own. By removing the account ID dimension but leaving the combined field, i was able to get the line view I needed.