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    Highlighting for boxplots (or any chart that uses "per cell" reference lines)

    Caleb Smith

      I've created a boxplot that does exactly what I want it to do. Unfortunately with Tableau 8 at least, you have to use a lot of reference lines to create a boxplot. I say "unfortunately" because the default highlighting functionality doesn't affect reference lines. See my attached screenshot for an example.


      Basically, when I click on a group of items, what I want to  happen is for everything else on the chart to dim and for my selection to be highlighted. On a standard graph (without reference lines) this is how Tableau behaves naturally. However, when you have reference lines they don't dim. I understand why you wouldn't want the reference lines to dim if your scope was "Entire Table" or even "Per Pane", but when the scope is only "Per Cell" like in my screenshot, I was hoping the references would behave just the same as any other point in terms of highlighting.


      Does anyone know of a way that I could work around this so I can get my boxplots to dim/highlight like the rest of my graphs?


      I can't provide my actual workbook due to the nature of my data, but the procedure I used to create the boxplots was very similar to that found here: Creating a Box Plot Analog | Tableau Software