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    Number the X-Axis Instead of Showing Labels

    Julianna Wokurka

      In my data I have a column of information where each set of characters (sometimes numeric, sometimes alphabetic, sometimes both) represent 1 product. When I make a chart, tableau only shows these labels which, in a sense, are meaningless. In excel, I can make a chart and on the axis the product labels are not there. Instead to represent say 2000 products, excel displays say 1-2000 with a notch every 50. This way you could easily see how many products account for X amount of the running total. I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS IN TABLEAU. Please help!


      Below you will see the chart. On the bottom axis I'd like to see the NUMBER OF PRODUCTS, say with a notch every 50 instead of the product labels which is useless for this chart.