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    NASA Breaks Team Geiger Load

    Shawn Wallwork

      Sign of the times, I guess....


      Team Geiger put together a great set of chart examples (dozens of them) using 8.0. These are great for paging through to remind yourself the wide variety of chart styles you can accomplish in Tableau. I usually browse through these before I start a viz, just to make sure I'm selecting the best way to visualize my data. [Thanks Team Geiger these are great!]


      What does that have to do with NASA? When I opened the Team Geiger workbook this morning I got this error:




      I was able to click past this and the workbook loaded all the vizzes not using this connection. But when I went to the Alan Smithee blog about Team Geiger I got this error:




      And with this one the viz is completely broken and won't load and display the other data connection vizzes like it does in Desktop. This certainly isn't what I would have expected. On Server a single out of service server breaks the entire workbook? If you want to get at the charts, just download the workbook from this Alan Smithee blog (another great resource) and open it in Desktop. (I've also attached it here.)


      Anyway, it looks like NASA left without leaving the servers running. When do the 'cooler heads' show up and fix this stupid Kabuki political charade?



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          Cristian Vasile


          Strange the machine is up and running, maybe some services on that server are disabled.




          ===================================== http://network-tools.com/ ================================================

 is from United States(US) in region North America


          TraceRoute from Network-Tools.com to [neowms.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov]

          Hop(ms)(ms)(ms)    IP AddressHost name
          1  0  0  0  xe-5-3-0.edge3.dallas1.level3.net
          2  42  33  33  vlan80.csw3.dallas1.level3.net
          3  33  33  34  ae-83-83.ebr3.dallas1.level3.net
          4  33  33  33  ae-7-7.ebr3.atlanta2.level3.net
          5  32  32  32  ae-2-2.ebr1.washington1.level3.net
          6  33  33  33  ae-71-71.csw2.washington1.level3.net
          7  33  33  33  ae-2-70.edge1.washington1.level3.net
          8  34  34  34  sims-inc.edge1.washington1.level3.net
          9  34  34  34  -
          10  34  34  34  vlbi-test1.maxgigapop.net
          11  34  34  34  rtr-s28-hpcc.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov
          12  34  34  40  rtr-s32-28.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov
          13  34  34  34  gs613-neol1.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov

          Trace complete

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            Dustin Smith

            Man this workbook brings back memories.  I was on the job 2 weeks when I got put on the team that ended up bringing this thing to life (ergo my contributions were minimal).


            I'll ping Alan Smithee and let him know.

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              Alex Kerin

              The machine may be up, but I think they are forbidden from serving information...

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                Ty Alevizos

                I guess this is the part of the conversation where I type "lol" and insert some emoticons... I have updated the workbook according to the new government paradigm:


                Alan Smithee Presents: Team Geiger Rides Again...



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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  [The masked man unmasked!] Thanks for all your great posts Ty, I mean Alan.




                  [Held emoticon finger in check, for once.]