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    Re: Combined Bar Line Chart


      Hi Heinz,


      This might be of help:



      It certainly is possible to have a stacked bar - line graph, but you need to make sure you have the data structured in the right way. As with most things in Tableau, your data structure is everything - once you understand how to manipulate it, you can really draw anything.


      The link above gives a specific case, and I've attached the packaged workbook here as well.


      If you have any questions, let me know



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          Heinz Schrem

          Dear Kevin,


          Thank you much.

          I used your idea/link and created the chart I wanted to have (see attachment).

          There might be a more straight forward solution than the one I have chosen.

          Best regards


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            I'm glad it was of use to you!


            I had a look at both the packaged workbook and the excel sheet you attached, but unfortunately I'm not fully clear on the meaning of what you're trying to visualise, and how the different metrics relate to each other.


            If you post a brief description of these I could put my mind to seeing if there is a more suitable (and easier) method to build out the message you're trying to convey.


            Kind regards,


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              Heinz Schrem

              Dear Kevin,


              I am sure that there is a (much) more simple approach than the one I used. But I was happy having found a first solution with your help.


              What I want to visualize is the following:


              I want to show for different periods (in my case weeks, so Week 31, Week 32, and so on) as


              1) Line Charts the evolution of a Wished Price (Blue line) and finally the Achieved Price (Orange line) for a certain product; you can also compare Price versus Cost for example.

              2) Bar Chart the delta between the Fixed Price and Achieved Price which consists of two components: one component I call in my example "Delta Base", the other one "Delta Extra".


              So let's take Week 31 in my example: Wished Price is 470 USD/unit (or Euro/unit), Achieved Price only 450 USD/unit.

              The delta is equal to 20 USD/unit.

              This delta I want to visualize as bars, but separated in 10 USD/unit due to difference in "Base" and 10 USD:unit due to difference in "Extra".

              This for every following week in the same way.


              In my example I used in fact a 3rd bar which is equal to "Adjusted Base Price" (orange line in my uploaded example) but named it "Adjusted Base Price help" and colored it white (I used stacked bar for these 3 elements of the bar), so that only 2 bar elements remain visible.


              I hope that this description is understandable and would help to find a more simple solution.


              Kind regards