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    Is there an advantage to multiple sites

    Julia Hennelly

      Trying to determine how to set up our Tableau Webserver environment.  I can not see an advantage to multiple sites except maybe easier to set up security?  Does anyone see an advantyage to multiple sites.  Initially our user base will be small 50 licenses or so but that may easily grow.



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          Andy Piper



          You could think of sites as giving you an additional layer of security or simply a folder above the project level. We have one site called 'Corporate' which has public projects associated with each of our 10+ departments that anyone in the company could look at. We have a handful of other sites that some departments don't even want non-department members access and the additional piece of mind (from a security standpoint) that a site offers. True, one could set up the workbook permissions to prevent everyone from viewing a specific workbook; but sometimes publishers (especially early on) may forget to set permissions properly and now someone outside the department has access to information that was not intended to be public knowledge.


          Sites also allow you to have a site admin who could set up permissions and create projects within that site. Having another person administrating a site for you so you can focus elsewhere is nice.


          Hope this helps,


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            Julia Hennelly

            Thank you - I thought that was the case but wanted to make sure I was not missing anything critical.



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              Mita Mahadevan

              I agree with the added security thing, but one question on that.


              If we set up sites (say siteA and SiteB). Say pub1 is a user that can publish to only site 1.

              When publishing he sets permissions to all users. Does this mean users from site 2 also can access this workbook or the access restricted to site 1 users?


              Unclear and I cannot just add a site to my prod environment to test. BTW, we had a tableau consultant here recently and while he was not sure, he seemed to indicate that yes, all users across all sites can see it if its published as all users have access.

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                Toby Erkson

                Would another site help with load balancing?

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                  Julia Hennelly

                  As far as I can see when testing this is that in order for a user to access a site to do anything they need to be added to the site.  My question is whether I can add groups of users from one site to another and I do not think so?  In this case multiple sites may not work for us.



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                    Allan Walker

                    Our Server has two main sites:


                    1: A "public" facing site with guest access for the API

                    2: A "private" facing site without guest access where our staff login securely


                    #1 is more for "pan university" data

                    #2 effectively has subsites that reflect our Organization/Locations

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                      Eric McDonald

                      Separate Sites really are distinct and have separate Groups, Datasources, Workbooks, ...etc. Users are common and authentication is handled at the server level. So if you look at All Users and sorted by last log-in you will only see one login. We use Sites to provide a Test area where we can publish workbooks and let our users test them prior to live release. We also have an Embedded Content site where we publish views which are used as part of other larger web pages. You can't move workbooks from one site to another - this would be really helpful- you just have to re-publish from Tableau Desktop.


                      They are really useful - never thought about using them to handle Security before.


                      Check out the online help on Sites for more info: http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#sites.htm