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    clearing filters

    Love Tableau


      when using actions. navigating from dashboard 1 to dashboard 2. i want to clear all the filters in dashboard 2 instead of going to dashboard 1 and clearing all filters.

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          Toby Erkson

          Not possible.  There isn't a code base for Tableau so ya still have to do some stuff manually.

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            Love Tableau

            how to do this. can you give me some idea?

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              Love Tableau

              i think my scenario is different. Uploaded a workbook.

              created action to navigate from sheet 1 and sheet 2

              when clicked on "warren vaughn" it navigates to sheet 2 showing ""warren vaughn" data.

              and also give relevant values in "filters".

              So whenever i want to clear the filter i will go to sheet 1 and press escape so that it clears filters in sheet 2

              i have scenario that i should clear everything from sheet 2 itself instead of going to sheet 1 every time.

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                Andy Piper

                As Toby mentioned earlier, there are limitations with Tableau, and clearing filters globally is one of them.


                If you are looking for a way to blank out Sheet 2 so nothing displays until you make a selection on Sheet 1 then this is possible if you modify the action you created so that it Excludes the data on sheet 2 until a value in sheet 1 has been chosen. See attached.


                I also set up the attached so that when you click on something in Sheet 2, it takes you back to Sheet 1. If you deselect everything in Sheet 1 and click over to Sheet 2, nothing will be on Sheet 2.


                Hope this helps,