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    Syncronizing 4 graphs

    Mike Grove

      I am wondering if what I need to do can be done out of the box with Tableau.

      I need to display 4 graphs 1 below the other at the same size and x axis scale.

      I then need to click a datapoint and have a line drawn through all 4 graphs at the same point. ( it can also be an independent line on each graph )

      At this point there are only 4 graphs, that will grow in the future and the line will need to extend through all of them ( or display on each one if independent ).

      I have attached a mock up of what they are looking for.

      Also, changing the start/end dates should change all graphs.

      Additionally, if I select a range on 1 graph, all graphs need to re-render using the same range.


      I am brand new to Tableau, is this something that can be done out of the box w/o scripting or coding?

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          . Indumon

          Hi Mike, you can create something very close to that in Tableau using drop line and multiple measures on rows.

          However I suggest you to use a dashboard instead of creating a noisy single sheet with multiple graphs.

          You can control the dynamic rendering of graphs using Dashboard actions or quick filters.


          Selected 1.PNG.png


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            Mike Grove


            That got me closer.

            Is it possible to have multiple charts with 3 or more lines.

            I got the first one to have 3 measures, but I need another one to have 3 as well.

            When I try to move a measure into the axis area of the chart it just swaps out the measure.

            Can I only have 1 chart with 3 or more measures?

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              . Indumon

              I think you can only have one chart with more than one measure, may be

              someone else have another method.




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                Jim Wahl

                Hi Mike,


                You can certainly have two measures on each chart using dual-axes. Also, if your measure can be segmented by a dimension, Tableau will draw a line for each member of the dimension.


                Another approach is to create multiple worksheets and combine them in a dashboard. If you apply the x-axis date filter apply to all sheets and also hide the axis (click on the axis, deselect Show Header), the result will be pretty close to your template above.


                The best approach depends on your data and what measures you want to graph. If the above doesn't work for you, perhaps you could post an example that more closely matches your goal.



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                  Mike Grove

                  My problem is that there will be 5 graphs (for now), 3 of which will have 3-4 measures as the measures are related to each other.

                  That can be solved by creating 5 worksheets and putting them on a dashboard.

                  The catch is they want to display a reference line through all the graphs, that can be done using the 'Drop Line' but then the graphs have to be on 1 worksheet which will not allow multiple graphs with more than 2 measures.

                  If they are separate graphs on a dashboard, the drop line only shows on the graph you select not across all of them.
                  This data is from a monitoring system that is feeding 50 or so data points. Many of them are related to each other and some are significant on there own.

                  Each graph represents either a set of points that have significance only as a group or a single significant data point.

                  As they scroll up and down though the graphs and see an anomaly, they want to set a reference line so they can see what was happening with the other inputs at that time.

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                    Jim Wahl

                    I see...ideally you want these on one worksheet.


                    You might need to reshape the data and "dimension similar measures". The first graph in your example includes three temperature measures.

                    2013-10-08 18-01-21.png

                    You could instead have one "Temperature" measure with with a dimension column for the "Temperature Type". Then there's just one measure in the graph and the dimension is on the Color button.


                    It might make sense to take this one step further and have just four columns for this application: Date, Measure Category, Measure Name, and Measure Value. Then you could drop Measure Category and Measure Value on the Rows shelf, Measure Name on the Color shelf, and Date on the Columns shelf. This would also allow users to filter the categories to fit the measures of interest on one page / screen.

                    You can transform the data from "wide" to "tall" using the Custom SQL option and union statements in the Edit Connection dialog box.

                    Again, it's difficult to say whether this works for your specific case without a better sense of the data, how often is it updated, whether you plan on using extracts, ...