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    Server Administration: Identifying Workbooks Dependent on Each Published Data Source?

    Charles Navarro

      Hi All,


      I work as part of a BI team supporting multiple initiatives at my company.  For performance purposes, we've been creating and publishing extracts to the server and placing them on a refresh schedule.  Looking at the number of data sources, we have more than 100 published data sources and we know some of them are duplicating their purposes.

      We're trying to do an administrative clean up effort.  We want to maintain an inventory of data sources, purpose and which published workbooks are connected to those data sources. 


      1. Is there a Tableau Server export feature where we can export the view of Admin --> Data Connections tab?
      2. Ditto for Admin --> Schedules tab?


      Or from an administrator perspective, any suggestions on a more effective method to track this?