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    calculate max num of a series of numbers within a start date and end date range

    faysal shaarani

      I have two parameters (start date and end date)

      I also have a list of records as below.  I am not displaying teh data in a table in Tableau.  I am graphing the data but need to figure out the computed field as I am asking below.


      Trying to get the max  no_of_domain_register_user for the list of records between the start date and end date range.  For example, if my start date is Sep 14, 2013 and end date is Sep 17, my calculated field max ( no_of_domain_register_user) would return 28459.  Any timely tips would be greatly appreciated.


      domain_name    no_of_domain_register_user    Day of domain_aggregation_dt    Year of domain_aggregation_dt    

      abc.com    12343    September 10, 2013    

      abc.com    28454    September 14, 2013    

      abc.com    28455    September 15, 2013     

      abc.com    28456    September 16, 2013    

      abc.com    28459    September 17, 2013    

      abc.com    28532    September 18, 2013    

      abc.com    28552    September 19, 2013   

      abc.com    28553    September 20, 2013