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    Custom Image HyperLink Defect in Tableau 8, need help!

    Rich Lucas



      So I have created a hyperlink off of an image that I have created.


      What I did was create an image and make it the map background image. I then had a two row excel sheet that allows me to place a field "Name" onto the "Text" mark.  It then shows the "Name" field over the image.  I then go to the "Colors" mark options and make the transparency 0% so it is see through.  I increased the "Size" in the marks area to full size so it covers most if not all of the image.  I then created a worksheet "Action" that  makes a hyperlink of a site I want it to go to if they click on the tranparent text (Which is essentially the image).  This worked when I had it on Tableau 7, and seems to show well on Tableau 8 desktop, but when published to Tableau 8, it covers the image with the background of the transparent text box.  The whole thing is suppose to be transparent besides the background image, and was on Tableau 7 server, but Tableau 8 I can't figure out how to make the Text box transparent.  Below are two pictures, the top is what it looks like on Tableau 8 desktop and how it should look on the server, and the bottom is what it looks like on the Tableau 8 server.  Any help would be much appreciated!





      Image Hyperlink.PNG.png


      Image Hyperlink_Server.PNG.png