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    calculating subtotals for records


      Hi All,


      There are Four different sheets in a workbook all coming from different sources.


      I am discussing only one out of those.


      Where-in the objective is to calculate the sub-total row at the Base level




      ABI has 2 records for H10-20 and H10-60

      i should get sub total with QOH as 6 as the sum of 2 records


      How can i get that, can anybody help me with this.




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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Parvinder,


          You can change which subtotals are displayed by clicking the pill and deselecting Subtotals for the pills / dimensions you don't want to show.


          Here's your original view:

          2013-10-06 16-50-27.png


          Once you select from the Top Menu > Analysis > Totals > Add All Subtotals, you'll see six sub totals, one for each dimension.

          2013-10-06 16-50-56.png

          Now click each pill on the Rows shelf, except BASE, and deselect Subtotals to get:

          2013-10-06 17-02-49.png